Dead Animal Removal

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Need a Dead Animal Removed in London?

Finding a dead animal is never pleasant and can be a little upsetting for some people. It can be even more troubling if the animal carcass is in or around your home or workplace. The disposal of the animal may repulse you with it’s sight, smell and unhygienic nature of the task at hand, so whatever the issue, our experienced technician can help remove the animal and eliminate the risk of a potential health hazard to you and others.

Safe and hygienic removal from experienced & understanding  professionals

Some animals will hide before passing away which can make the job a little more difficult. The PestGone team will come and remove the animal and dispose of it in line with our waste agreement policy. The decomposing animal may leave an unpleasant odour behind after its removal and this can be masked by using a de-oduriser. We will also thoroughly disinfect the affected area and restore it to its normal level of hygiene.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you dispose of the dead animals?

Once we have identified the unfortunate animal, we will wear health & safety clothing and place the creature inside a durable plastic sack. The animal and internal sack lining will be sprayed with a disinfectant and then taken to an incinerator to prevent any diseases from spreading.

What dead animal carcasses do you remove?

PestGone can remove all sorts of deceased animals from in or around your property, including rats, squirrels, foxes, cats, dogs, bats, pigeons, seagulls, adders and more.
Note: We cannot remove larger animals, such as horses, cows or deers.

What about that of dead mice and rats you can’t reach?

Rodents tend to die in places we can not easily reach. Usually a nest which is under a floor, or a false cavity. If we are unable to reach the animal we will use a deodouriser to mask the smell. The bigger the animal the longer the smell will last. We roughly estimate 3-21 days depending on temperature.

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