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Foxes are natural scavengers and are becoming an ever-increasing sight in our major towns and cities. Most urban foxes are now beginning not to see us as a threat, but more as a food provider. Leaving rubbish out with left over food in accessible plastic bags will attract most vermin, especially foxes. We recommend keeping such bags in tougher containers or plastic wheelie bins.
We also advise ensuring any hutched animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens be kept in secure bordered areas to prevent foxes gaining entry.

Services We Offer

• Safe and effective eradication
• Blocking off and proofing of access holes and Dens
• Advice and aftercare to prevent new foxes arriving

Our Treatment Plans

  1. Over Night Cull

This treatment programme is the most effective and involves our experienced fox control technician setting up a position in a safe location where the fox activity is seen. From the close quarters we will discreetly dispatch the animal with a single shot using a night vision thermal sight. We will arrive at your property for last light to survey the area and identify fox runs and any attractive fox locations. We will remain onsite for 4-8 hours depending on the fox activity, weather conditions and light.
Quick Plan: Set Safe Location/Hide – Cull Foxes – Remove Foxes
  1. Cage Trapping and Cull Onsite

This treatment programme is lengthier and involves multiple trips to your property. We will arrive onsite and set steel cages to capture the foxes. The traps will be routinely inspected by PestGone with any trapped foxes dispatched onsite with a single shot. Due to the welfare of the animal we are bound by law not to remove the fox from the premises whilst alive. This will put the animal under unnecessary stress and thus deemed inhumane. Therefore we have to dispatch the animal onsite when safe to do so.
Quick Plan: Set traps – Inspect cages – Cull foxes – Re-set traps – Cull foxes – Remove traps

Additional Services

Proofing – At the end of either of these treatments we can offer proofing services where required to prevent further nuisance foxes entering your premises.
Thermal Imaging Survey – This is an overnight thermal survey to identify the foxes habits, fox runs and pathways, den locations so to best locate an ideal vantage position to eradicate the animal.
Our Fox control specialists have over 30 years of experience in this niche field and are all fully insured and licenced. We offer fast and effective treatments that provide complete eradication solutions. Our treatments are all carried out safely with the minimum of disturbance and disruption to your homes, businesses and gardens.
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