London’s Real Rat Race!

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London’s Real Rat Race

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Rats Returning to the Capital?

With the easing of lockdown comes the opening up of pubs, restaurants, bakeries and countless other food outlets. There is this current mass influx of food that is now entering the capital and it’s this food, that is drawing vermin such as rats back to the bright lights.

A rat can get through smaller gaps and rat colonies can grow at an alarming rate and, where you may have thought you were only sharing with one or two rats, you’ll soon find you are sharing with a very large family. They will not only scratch, gnaw and rip items apart to make nesting materials but they will also chew beams and joists, causing structural damage, and through electrical cables, which can cause fires. 


Where do rats usually live?

Rats normally live and breed in our sewer systems but will, when needed, nest where is most comfortable, such as our homes and work place. It is estimated that there is one rat every metre squared of drainage line. This is where the old saying of never being less than 6 feet away from a rat comes from. They are under our feet in the pitch black following their powerful nose. The rat has the 2nd best nose in the animal kingdom and one of the best navigational brains of any animal. It can walk from one side of London to the other in the dark and still be able to retrace it’s steps.

Females when ready to have a litter will leave the sewers and find a safe haven to have her young away from predators, including her own species. Unrelated adult male rats may kill young in order to bring the mother back into estrus sooner and thus hasten the arrival of a litter of his own. Mothers may kill deformed young also for the overall health of the group. This pup killing behaviour is known as infanticide and found in many species of animal. The nesting rat mothers may be found under floors, in loft spaces, in cavity walls, behind fridges and a whole host of other cosy little hideaways.

Do Rats Attack Humans?

Rats won’t go out of their way to needlessly attack us human beings. Rats will in fact do most things possible to avoid us. If trapped or cornered a rat may jump to get past but it won’t be snarling or going for the jugular! Rats were also blamed for the spread of the plague centuries ago which was thought to have been transmitted by their fleas when biting humans. However recent studies believe that it was more likley human fleas and lice that were to blame.

What can you do to stop them invading our homes?

There are many things you can do to help deter  rats from invading your property and getting into your home or under your decking. To start with, it is wise to first take measures to make your property less inviting to rodents and then move on to sealing up your home:

  • Remove places to hide. Rodents do not like wide open areas and naturally seek out areas that are cluttered or overgrown, or provide shelter  in order to hide from predators. If you have areas of tall grass, overgrown weeds, discarded machinery, decking,  or other lawn clutter, removing those hiding places will make your property less inviting to them.

  • Remove water sources. Make sure your garden does not have standing water, leaky hoses, bird baths close the house, pet water bowls on the doorstep, etc.

  • Remove food sources. Don’t leave pet food out between feedings and clean up any leftover vegetables or fruits from gardens. Also, clean up foods after BBQ’s and store all outdoor rubbish in bins with solid sealing lids.

  • Seal up your home. If there are holes gaps or cracks in your foundation or walls, seal them up. To keep mice from finding their way inside, make sure all screens and door sweeps are present and in good working order and put screening over vent and chimney openings and wire mesh in the bottom of downspouts.

  • Keep your home clean of food and water sources. If rodents get inside your home and find nothing to eat, they may be less likely to stick around.

Do You Need Help Keeping Rodents Out?

Are you dealing with a rodent infestation in your property? Have you tried everything you can think of to get rid of them with no luck? Not to worry. We’re here to help! If you need some assistance eliminating a current rodent infestation or keeping rodents out of your London property reach out to us. We can assure to resolve your problem professionally and discreetly.

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