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Mice have been upsetting and scaring people in their homes for decades. They can carry diseases as well as gnaw through electrical cables which could potentially cause a property fire.
All major cities in the UK experience mice problems and London is no exception. Mice will find weaknesses in a properties structure and once in will start a nest and set up a territory. That territory could likely be your home or your business. If so, then taking immediate measures is crucial to stop the infestation growing in size which may lead to more problems for the surrounding neighbours and buildings.

What We Offer

• Guaranteed eradication
• Proofing services
• Advice to prevent future mice
• Residential and Commercial contracts.

Why do Mice enter homes?

House mice will inhabit homes and businesses which provide safe shelter and a reliable food source. Mice will nest in a properties cavities such as a wall ceiling or floor cavity which is hidden away from predators, loud noises and vibrations, such as footsteps directly overhead. Popular nesting cavities are below floors which are underneath kitchen units or stairs, near boiler pipework and even in loft spaces if services allow. If food waste or even pet food is being left out overnight then this will attract and encourage mice to get comfortable and start a nest.
In general, house mice are fearful of us human beings so they may nest inside redundant buildings, garages and sheds. However during the colder months they may nest inside to where a property has a heating system to keep them cosy.

Our experienced pest control technicians will carry out a thorough survey to identify weaknesses where mice are gaining entry. A custom-made treatment plan will be put in place to eradicate your unwanted guests with a 3 month guarantee awarded after treatment. Our treatments are carried out with the minimum of disturbance to your home or business with the safety of your family and pets paramount.
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