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Gaining back control.

Bedbug infestations are now thought to be the worst it has ever been in the UK. There was a point in the early 1940s, where they were mostly eradicated in the developed world, but have now increased in prevalence since 1995. This is likely due to pesticide resistance, governmental bans on effective pesticides, and international travel. Due to some pesticide resistance, heat treatments are now seen as a more effective and faster way to kill off these infestations.

How Does It Work?

Heat treatments can be used in a single area or throughout the whole building. It is now possible to treat properties from the inside, rather than inserting pipes through windows and doors from the outside meaning the whole process has become much more discreet. The process takes between six and eight hours depending on the size of the property and will kills all life stages of the insect exposed to the extreme temperatures.

We use our high quality equipment to heat up the infested areas to around between 45-55’C. The bedbugs, and other insects cannot survive at these high temperatures, so the process is quick and simple. Our specialist team will gain control of the effected areas and be as less disruptive as possible.


Heat Treatments

Our heat treatments are fully guaranteed. We guarantee to eradicate all accessible and close by insects and their eggs on the same day of treatment. Our heat and chemical treatments provide the greatest level of customer satisfaction thanks to quick and comprehensive results.

Our guarantee also means in the unlikely event that you experience any persistence, we will return for further treatment.

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