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Wild Rabbits

Rabbits may not be seen as a pest by most people however, due to rabbits being somewhat humanised in books, cartoons and films people rarely think of these cute, furry friends as being a problem. Rabbits are considered a major pest by farmers and can cause untold damage to crops and vegetation.
Rabbits are usually more nocturnal so seeing them during the day may be difficult, but seeing evidence of them is not. Wild Rabbits will chew up vegetable gardens, make numerous burrows across fields of crops, burrow under roads, railways and through archaeological sites causing subsidence, as well as other damage to buildings.
For every wild rabbit grazing on one hectare of winter wheat, the farmer will lose around one per cent of their annual yield. 
Wild Rabbits are not native to the UK and were brought to Britain by the Romans about 2,000 years ago.

What is myxomatosis?

Myxomatosis was illegally introduced to France in 1952 by a bacteriologist who wanted to rid his private estate of rabbits.
Myxomatosis is a highly infectious and often fatal disease, which decimated the wild rabbit population when it was first identified in the UK around 60 years ago.
The virus, which has killed millions of animals and is notorious for its ability to mutate, causes rabbits immense suffering, while treatment is usually futile. The most common symptom includes inflammation and discharge around the eyes.                                                                                    There is a licensed vaccine available in the UK.
Our experienced Rabbit control specialists offer fast and effective treatments that provide complete deterrent solutions, such as culling and proofing. These are all carried out with the minimum of disturbance and disruption to your land.
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