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Wasps we all know to be one of them pests we should give a wide berth to. The main reason is because of their nasty sting that can be repeated without causing any harm to the wasp itself, unlike Bees. Some people can have a severe allergic reaction to the sting so it’s always advisory to the call a professional company if you come across a nest in or around your home or business.
English wasps (the common wasp) build their nests in almost any location. Likely places are lofts, sheds, old rabbit and vole burrows in the ground, inside air bricks, cavity walls, chimneys and just about anywhere that is dry and undisturbed. They usually prefer higher locations but can be found at ground level.
The nest will start off in the spring when the queen wakes from hibernating over winter. The nest will continue to grow until the following winter when the wasp nest dies off. It does not die off because of the cold temperatures, but rather the lack of food due to the flowers being killed off.

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Treating the nest earlier rather than later is always advised because of the reduced numbers. Our experienced and insured  wasp nest treatment technicians have seen all sizes of wasp nests in all sorts of places and have never not been able to treat. Equipped with the correct protective clothing and safety approved chemicals there is not a nest we can’t treat safely and successfully.
PestGone Environmental give a 100% guarantee that wasp nests will be eradicated or your money back.
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