How Pests Can Harm Your Mental Health.

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How pests can have a detrimental affect on your Mental Health

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What is Mental Health?

Mental health refers to our behavioural and emotional wellbeing. Like physical health, it can range from good to poor and everywhere in between. Mental health problems can affect anyone regardless of age, ethnicity or background. They can appear as a result of experiences in both our personal and working lives – or they can just happen.

Mental health problems can affect the way people think, feel or behave; sometimes seriously limiting a person’s ability to cope with day-to-day life, which can impact on relationships, work and quality of life. However, many people can effectively manage their mental health problems alongside the demands of a job and daily life, sometimes with treatment and support.

One in 4 of us experience mental health issues each year in the UK. Don’t let pests be a contributing factor.

Noises in the Night?

We have all woken in a panic in the night with noises in our home. It could be scratching in the ceiling, scurrying under the bed or an object falling on the floor. This noise may be continuous and keep you awake for most of the night, which will then affect your performance for the coming day, or even days. If the noises are pest related then you will need to act fast to eliminate the problem before it becomes worse.

Scratching in the ceiling will mean you have a rodent. The scratching is the animal filing down its front teeth, the incisors. All rodents do this as their teeth continuously grow. Hence how they got their name: the Latin term for gnaw, is rodere. The common rodent creating this scratch could be mice, rats or squirrels. However in some home counties some customers may experience Glis Glis. Acting fast with rodenticides (poison) or traps is crucial before the problem becomes far worse. Traps will need to be used for squirrels as they spend most of their time outside and so poisoning them may result in other animals such as birds, feeding off the carcass and gaining secondary poisoning. 

Some people may experience bites which could be from bedbugs or fleas. Again acting fast with the correct insecticides and treatment plan is important to get on top of the situation quickly before it escalates into something further.

These occurrences can play havoc with someone mental health and then result in their physical health deteriorating. Therefore speed is the key when first encountering a problem.

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