Do we Need a Pest Control Contract?

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Do You Really Need a Pest Control Contract?

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A common call we receive daily is

‘I need a pest control contract and want a certificate. I don’t have any pests and we are opening very soon, whats the cost for a one off visit?’ 

We will try and break this down as easily as possible to help you better understand what requirements if any you need. Below are the points we will cover in this post

  • Do you get a certificate?

  • Do you need a contract If you don’t have pests?

  • If you want a contract how much does it cost?

  • What does the contract cover?

  • Can you do your own pest control?

Do you get a Certificate?

First and foremost there is NOT a Charlie and the Chocolate factory Golden Ticket style certificate which makes your business exempt from inspections, and worse still from being shut down. A Pest Control contract is a ongoing tailor made programme put in place to protect you, your staff and your customers from pests and their debris. If a Pest Control company did one visit and issued a certificate whats to stop pests infesting a day later. It has to be an ongoing process.

Do you need a contract if you don’t have pests?

You don’t have to have a pest control contract with a company. However you do have to have in place visible methods and records to show that you are controlling any and all pest infestations. Any infestations that occur must be logged for the relevant inspecting authorities. If we had a pound for every time a customer told us they don’t have pests and a month later they were over run, then we would be doing very nicely. The reason pests are not present before you open is because there is nothing onsite to attract or make the animal or insect want to stay close by. As soon as food is at a constant and the smells of cooking from a restaurant or staff leaving chocolate in their desk draws in an office occurs then pests will think they’ve hit the jackpot!! It’s then when an infestation starts to grow and a small problem may potentially turn into a catastrophic one.

How much does it cost?

Every contract is different and it comes down to a few things.

  1. How big is the premises? – If it’s a 7 storey hotel then the costs will be different to a small high street coffee shop

  2. What is the premises used for? –  For instance, are you a GP surgery that gets the occasional mouse or are you Michelin star restaurant serving thousands of plates of food a day.

  3. What is the location of the business? – If you are a bistro pub in the countryside you may encounter the odd field mouse or flying insects throughout the year. Compare this to a takeaway restaurant in the heart of London’s china town, where pests such as house mice, rats, cockroaches, multiple fly species, foxes and countless other pests have an opportunity to thrive due to the vast amount of food, waste, drains, sewer systems and human traffic.

What does the contract cover?

A contract should cover the main disease spreading vermin such as mice and rats, and may include cockroaches depending on the location of the property. If a property is prone to cockroaches, especially oriental cockroaches then the cost of the contract may increase due to more visits being required to deal with a constant infestation coming from the drains or nearby buildings. A folder we recommend being left onsite to contain the pest control companies Health and Safety policy, Environmental policy, COSHH information, Risk Assessment, Method statement and monthly treatment reports. Treatment reports is the main paperwork the inspecting health officer will likely want to see so ensure these are at the ready. If these have been sent by email from the pest control company then we would advise printing off and putting in the folder.


Can you do your own pest control?

In simple YES! As previously stated, If you put in place visible methods and records to show that you are controlling any and all pest infestations then this is seen as a control method. Any infestations that occur must be logged for the relevant inspecting authorities. Be aware that authorities may scrutinise your methods if they are seen to be inadequate and/or failing.



Any reputable company will come and give you a free survey and advise on costs and the number of visits required. As an example, a London restaurant that seats up to 200 people a time will require 8-12 visits/inspections a year at a cost of £60-£100 per visit. Having a professional Pest Control company using the most up to date practices using proven pesticides is important to nip any infestation in the bud early. Therefore think carefully and seek advice if attempting to manage your own pest control.

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