Pest Control For Hotels and Common Pests

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Pest Control for your Hotel and Common Pests

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Pest problems can pose a significant threat to the success of your hotel.  Whether it’s mice in the mini bar or bedbugs in the bedding, pests can cause untold problems which can lead to negative reviews. A one star rating on Google, Trust Pilot or Trip Adviser could hit a hotels reputation resulting in financial loss for you and your staff.

It’s for this reason that it is wise to have a pest management programme in place to nip any problems in bud early and discreetly. By introducing and maintaining a pest management programme you can keep your reputation in tact and keep them 5 star reviews safe.

To Defeat the Enemy you Must know the Enemy

For hotel owners it’s important to know what to look out for. By the very nature of the business hotels have a high volume of traffic. Whether that be from guests, food deliveries, contractors, or staff, all of which are bustling in a busy and tight environment. Due to such a place it means that pests have an easy way in and once there they will set up a base due to having everything they need to survive close by.

Common Pests

Bed Bugs

If there is one pest that can cause the most damage to a hotel’s reputation, it’s bed bugs. They make their way in on guests luggage, on clothing or a whole host of other ways and they are extremely good at hiding when in small numbers.

Hotel and accommodation owners need to be constantly vigilant against bed bugs.  Thorough inspections need to be carried out regularly and any sightings or complaints need to be investigated immediately before word spreads outside the hotels doors. In the event of an infestation, hotel management have a number of ways to combat the problem, any and all of which an experienced pest control professional can help you implement.



Like bedbugs Cockroaches can enter a hotel via a number of means. In luggage, in delivery items or simply walking in from off the street. Cockroaches are known to spread disease so a sighting of one of these little chaps could have serious consequences, even resulting in a hotels kitchen facilities being shut down.

Keeping your hotel cockroaches free requires cleanliness, vigilance and regular inspections.  Accompany this with safe food hygiene, preparation and storage. Food debris or free standing water must be addressed as this is like a homing beacon for cockroaches as they can only survives less than two days without water.



Mice have a multitude of ways to enter a property but usually they come in under tiny gaps below doors, through air vents or via services such as pipework or electrical cables.

Mice require a few things to make them want to stay and set up a base. These are, warm shelter usually in a cavity floor, ceiling or wall, a regular food source such as small amounts of food dropped on the floor and safe location away from predators such as birds of prey and cats.


Flying Insects

Flies and possible wasps in and around kitchens can cause a nuisance but more than that they can spread bacteria which may lead to human ill health. Installing an Electronic Fly Killer or fly traps around food prep areas is highly recommended.

Not only is the health of your paying guests crucial but also the staff if eating on the premises. A shortage of staff can cost the hotel money and it will be far easier for the Health inspector to pin point the blame and cause of the outbreak.


Vigilant Integrated Pest Management

Rather than reacting to each pest problem as they pop up, businesses have more success with an Integrated Pest Management programme. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) focuses on preventive measures to mitigate the risk of a pest infestation all year round, utilising regular inspections, regular monitoring, action thresholds, and control practices for when pest problems exceed acceptable levels.

Apart from helping to prevent major pest issues, an IPM strategy can also help you cut costs by reducing the amount of pesticides needed in catching pest problems long before they become emergencies. If you haven’t integrated an IPM strategy already, now is the time talk to a pest management specialist about getting one set up and running.

Ensure Best Practice Food Services and Housekeeping is Adhered to

Hotel managers may be focused heavily on the guests bringing in pests but they must remember to monitor staff also. Training staff and making them aware of the tell tale signs of pests will help quash any pest problems early before they become a crisis.

Ensure all the staff from housekeeping to food services are maintaining best practices throughout their work to help reduce the likelihood of attracting pest problems in the first place.

Respond to Pest Problems Quickly & Effectively

If a pest infestation takes hold then sitting back and hoping it will go away is the worst thing you can do as a hotel. An infestation can grow in size very quickly and spread throughout a building which in turn makes a relatively easy problem to deal with initially far harder.

By working with an experienced pest management professional to implement Integrated Pest Management and regular inspections, you set yourself up for a much more effective response to even the worst and most sudden pest problems. Aside from that, it’s critical to be honest with your guests and staff that a problem has been identified and that steps are being taken to fix it – that way, nobody can claim you’ve ignored the problem.

Focus on Hospitality of the Guests not the Pests

The last thing a busy hotel owner should have to worry about is what might be living within the walls, but all too often this is a very real problem for hotels all across the world. That’s why many hotels work with experienced pest professionals who can provide year-round protection for the pests you don’t see, and immediate action for those you do.

We would always stress for Hotels to be proactive – it might just be the thing that makes the difference between your hotel’s reputation being ruined and your hotel being reviewed as one of the best.

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