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Why Hire PestGone For Your Letting?

Getting a call from your tenants to say they have a pest problem isn’t fun. Your property might be damaged by gnawing mice and rats or moths eating the carpets. And you’re bound to be concerned about your tenants’ safety and happiness.

Call us and we’ll respond fast. We’re punctual and polite and we know a big part of our job is to give reassurance. You can trust that we’ll solve the pest problem and take good care of your relationship with your tenant. You can give us instructions, or we can deal directly with your tenant and give you regular updates. It’s entirely up to you.

What To Expect When You Hire PestGone

Complete survey: We know how and where pests travel around properties and we’ll leave no kickboard unturned as we find the source and extent of your problem. Then we’ll put together a treatment plan to rid any unwanted visitors.

Pest removal: We’ll safely remove the pests and we’ll tailor our approach to protect your tenants, pets and children. We’ll always treat the upmost care so that little paws and little fingers can’t reach into trouble.

• Pest prevention: Once the pests are gone, we know you’ll want them to stay gone so we also give advice on pest proofing. We take our proofing seriously and we’re so confident that we’ll secure your property, you’ll receive a free, 3-month guarantee of our work. 

Ongoing SupportCommunication and continual support after completion of the job to ease worries and stress for you and your tenants.

We currently look after some of London’s leading lettings and estate agents.

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