Why is Pest Control on the Increase in London?

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Why are pests on the increase in London?

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Why so many Pests?

Pest have been plaguing us for centuries and new information sourced recently suggests that there is going to be no let up. In large overly crowded cities pests have the opportunity to thrive with us all living on top of each other. The more people the more waste, the more waste the more pests, it is really that simple. With councils now carrying out fortnightly bin collection as opposed to weekly it’s believed the problem is going to increase further still.
Figures obtained by the Liberal Democrats using Freedom of Information showed councils received 21,365 complaints about pest problems in 2018.
That was up from 17,567 the previous year. Tenants complained about issues with pests including wasps, bats, beetles, cockroaches, slugs, mice and rats. Some London councils have more than 100 complaints a day from just mice and rats alone, a pest which after 3 weeks of mating produce a litter of on average 6-9 young.

What can be done to help improve matters?

We can all play a part in improving the situation. Just keeping your home clean, tidy and free from easily reachable food sources is going to help. Ensure you have metallic bins with sealed lids in your kitchen to put packaging and waste foods. This is so pests cannot gain access to feed on any waste remnants. After EVERY MEAL, CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. We see it nearly everyday on tasks that food left overs from previous days are still in pans or on plates. These leftovers are now acting as a food source for potential pests. Once a rodent (mice & rats) or insect (cockroaches) discovers this easily accessible food it will then look at starting a nest. Once the nest is created more will then be attracted to the area from the smells and scents produced by the initial harbouring pest. Before you know it, an infestation has taken hold which over time will then start affecting your immediate neighbours.
Ensure you put bin bags in your wheelie bins and not directly on the ground for foxes and other vermin to tear into. Always ensure the outside of your property is not overgrown or cluttered as these sheltered areas will act as great nesting sites for vermin such as rats.


Who’s to Blame?

In part we may be all to blame but the main factors for the sudden rise in pest infestations could be a combination of a number of issues including:
  • Climate – with the warmer weather see’s certain pest infestations such as insects thrive which in the past are naturally eradicate by the harsher winters.
  • Local authorities – changing to a fortnightly bin collection to a weekly one is resulting in food sources being available outside our homes and business for vermin to feed on.
  • Travel – Bedbugs are at the worst in the UK since records began due to how easily these passengers can travel from place to place with humans acting as the free ride.
  • Resistance – The more pesticides that are used on the market the more these pests immune systems and genetic make up change to fight off the poisons. Some rats have now genetically mutated to be resistant to an active ingredient called Bromodiolone, a rodenticide that in the past was very effective.

Pest Control is  a Legal Duty.

Landlords and property management companies could face major penalties for mismanagement of pest problems. Under Prevention of Pest Act 1949 the above persons are responsible for the health, safety and well being of their tenants against mice and rats. If found guilty of such an offence then penalties up to and including fines of £20,000 and maximum prison sentence of 6 months could be imposed. Restaurant owners serving food to the general public could face even harsher penalties if found guilty of an offence.

Professional Treatment

With the councils being over stretched and waiting lists for pest control services up to 3 weeks, call PestGone Environmental for immediate help and support. As a certified member of the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) with an excellent reputation and 10/10 reviews on checkatrade call us on 0208 914 8285.

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