Pest Control For Retail Businesses

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Keep pests away from your business

When your business is in the direct eye line of your customers then first impressions really count. Any encountered pest problem will affect how people perceive your shop so discretion and swift action is key.

A pest infestation can impact severely on a shop. Goods can be damaged and contaminated costing you money and your reputation could be dealt a swift blow. Your customers and staffs’ health is a priority a retailer must consider and manage and preventing pests is an integral part of that.

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Common Retail Pests

Rodents such as Rats and Mice are common in the retail industry. This is because of the warm shelters and bedding provided so to create their nests. These animals can gnaw through fabric, soft furnishings, plastics and wood, as well as contaminate stock with their waste costing you money.

Clothing retailers are also under threat from clothes moths which eat natural fibres, like wool, cotton, and silks, but will also chew through blended fabrics as long as they contain some natural fibres. A moth infestation can ruin a shops stock as well as be spread to a customers home which may lead to bad reviews hurting the brand and shops reputation.

Bird control is also another pest to be conscious of. Pigeons and seagulls can deface the front of shops with their droppings which can give the customer a poor perception of your goods. Installing preventative measure to deter these animals is important for a shops image.

Dealing with Pests in Retail

Retailers of any size need pest problems handled quickly, discreetly, and effectively. PestGone Environmental recognise that there are many different areas in retail, so we build up a survey of your premises in order to deploy the right treatments for your specific environment.

We know that visible signs of pest control can give customers the wrong impression, so we’ll help you find the underlying causes of your pest problems and implement pest proofing measures to prevent future issues. Our annual pest management contracts can help you ensure your shop or shopping centre is being looked after year-round, but if you just need a quick solution to an infestation, give us a call for our competitive emergency pest control services.


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With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, we have the skills, knowledge and insider techniques to effectively eradicate pest problems and prevent recurrence. We always provide 100% professional, unbiased advice

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